California Planned Power Outage

The San Francisco Bay area was without electricity starting Oct. 9 in a planned shutdown from California’s two largest utilities – Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison. The shutdown impacted about 800,000 electricity customers, but the number of people without power was estimated to be closer to two million: in many cases, an entire apartment complex can be considered one customer.

Customers in Northern and Central California received notification from these utility companies on Tuesday, who reported the shutdown as a safeguard against the incoming high winds and possible wildfires that might spark power lines and electrical equipment.

The effects were felt across the San Francisco Bay area. Traffic light outages caused accidents, healthcare facilities rushed to get back-up power and many schools were closed. The power outage also sent many to their local hardware and home improvement stores in search of generators and solar panels.

Some may have been successful in their endeavors to get a secondary power source running on such short notice, but The Inverter Store recommends planning ahead for such emergencies. Purchase your back-up power source now before the next power outage takes you by surprise.

The Inverter Store has been a leading source of inverters and solar technology since 2000. We know you may have questions, and we’re always here to help make sure you make an informed decision about your home’s access to power. Contact us anytime for information about your back-up power needs.

Below are some of our best products. Choose the one that best fits your needs.


The Inverter Store offers a wide range of generators to fit your needs. All of our generators are portable, quiet and CARB-compliant to comply with the California Air Resources Board’s strict air pollution regulations. Your choice simply depends on how much power you need.

800-Watt Portable Pure Sine Inverter Generator: This inverter generator weighs just 25 pounds and can continuously run 700 watts of pure, clean power. Simply fill the half-gallon tank with unleaded gasoline, and the generator will run at a 50% load for six hours.

3200-Watt Portable Pure Sine Inverter Generator: This unit weighs in a little heavier at 73 pounds but it’s still a convenient choice with its carry handles and wheels. Featuring an auto gen start in case the battery voltage drops and economy switch for fuel savings, this generator is an efficient choice for homeowners.

2000-Watt Portable Pure Sine Inverter Generator: This unit is much like our 3200-watt product, also offering the same auto gen start feature and economy switch. Because it gives less power, it’s a less expensive option for homeowners on a budget.

6600-Watt 120/240V AC Portable Pure Sine Inverter Generator: This is our top-notch powerful generators that can run for five hours at a 100% load on a full five-gallon fuel tank. Be aware when ordering that this unit cannot ship to California.

These are the generators most recommended for running household appliances. You may also be interested in our modified sine inverters, which work best for running pumps, motors and power tools.

Inverters with Batteries for the Basics

To get cleaner power for your daily appliances like refrigerators, freezers, coffee pots, microwaves and home medical equipment should use the pure sine inverter listed first, though we have included modified sine inverters here as well for selection. Learn the difference of pure and modified sine, then choose which one best suits your power supply needs.

2000-Watt Pure Sine Inverter: Ideal for sensitive electronics such as medical equipment, this power inverter features a resettable 20-amp GFCI outlet plus a USB port. You can add even more convenience to this device with an optional wired remote.

2000-Watt Compact Modified Sine Inverter: Designed for compact spaces, this DC to AC power inverter still delivers a considerable 16 amps of power that supports small power tools, fridges and freezers too using three AC outlets and one USB port.

2500-Watt Modified Sine Inverter: This sturdy power inverter is great for any device with a hard start – which is to say any device with a sudden inrush current draw. This DC to AC power inverter is a powerhouse that won’t shut down in the rush, standing up to even some air conditioners.

3600-Watt Modified Sine Inverter: Also featuring a resettable standard home outlet, this durable 12-pound power inverter offers extra wattage to support greater power needs for devices that require it without taking up tons of space.

Back-Up Solar Power

A convenient basic solar kit or medium size kit for multiple appliances will help you power the essential devices you need in a bind, such as computers, fridges, microwaves, lights and various small home appliances. Combined with batteries and an inverter, it will serve as a complete back-up power source or off-grid kit.

Additional Supplies

Remember that The Inverter Store also stocks a wide range of power accessories like LED remote panels, remote switches, cables and inline fuse kits that can help you through being without electricity. We’re glad to be your resource for back-up power supplies and generators in any outages, planned or otherwise.

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