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Solar Energy and its Importance

Like air and water, energy is a basic requirement for humans to survive and thrive on the planet. The bigger questions remain, however, such as how to ensure an adequate supply of energy wherever it’s needed, and how to acquire and distribute energy while maintaining responsibility to the ecosystem. On a worldwide scale, we are in an energy transition to cleaner, renewable sources, with solar power systems in their largest phase of growth ever. Making the transition to using solar energy or optimizing your system to accommodate solar power isn’t just beneficial to the environment, but it’s beneficial to you and your power needs.

Solar power technology is always improving, meaning that it has a tendency to always seem like the newest thing in renewable energy. The science behind solar panels is fairly standard, however – and understanding how can help you to make better choices regarding your off grid solar kit or setup. Solar panels are made of photovoltaic (PV) cells that collect energy from the sun, which are made of silicon crystals and impurities like boron to make them better conductors. When sunlight enters, electrons become excited and thin wires create pathways for those electrons to exit the panel’s cells – resulting in a flow of electricity.

How Can I Benefit From Solar Power?

According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, solar generation (included distributed) is projected to go from 11% of total renewable power generation in the U.S. in 2017, to 48% by 2050. This places solar in first place as the fastest-growing clean energy option. Given these circumstances, The Inverter Store is proud to have a sizable selection of solar power components, including inverters, transfer switches, solar panel racks, solar charge controllers, solar panel cables and connectors, generators, batteries, custom cut cables and more.

Solar power serves a multitude of purposes for residential, commercial and both on- and off-grid needs. You can provide power to a commercial building during power failures or natural disasters or create an off-grid living situation by alternating between solar power and a generator as needed. You can also attach solar panels to vehicles, creating an adaptable method of power generation on the move. How you decide to use solar power is up to you – but it can be daunting to begin the process of applying it to your energy needs. That’s why The Inverter Store has come up with kits that simplify the process.

The Convenience of Power Kits

For our customers’ convenience, we have assembled complete solar panel kits for back-up power as well as off-grid solar power. The kits allow our customers to obtain all the components they need in an inclusive package, for both small-scale power situations – such as running TVs, video games, computers, cell phones and small appliances (using an existent DC to AC power inverter) or lighting a small cabin or camper – to a system that can power multiple appliances like a full-sized refrigerator/freezer, microwave, pump, lights and much more during a power outage. Further up the scale, for off-grid industrial purposes, we also carry massive 3000+ watt systems with a dozen solar panels and up, along with sufficient batteries, to power entire large worksites.

The Invertor Store takes great pride in our huge selection of DC solar kits for off-grid systems, from basic 60- or 12-watt kits, which are serviceable in powering vehicles, to 1000-watt solar kits capable of meeting the needs of an entire residence. Each system includes a portable solar panel and charge controller, which absorb power from the sun and store the excess for energy during periods of darkness. Customers can then either choose a pre-selected package that includes 12V batteries, power inverters and cables, or they can put together their own combination of equipment and accessories. By ordering a kit with pre-selected equipment, clients can save a certain percent on cost. However, we realize that it’s frequently necessary to customize kits to meet more specific power requirements or situations.

Consult with our Power System Experts

All of our solar and remote power kits are customizable, of course, because there are so many individualized requirements related to equipment specifications. We are always ready to discuss the best equipment choices to match our clients’ needs, and we make expert, well-informed product recommendations to assure maximum efficiency and performance. From the shape and form of solar panels to the comparative advantages of roof versus ground solar racks, we help optimize every power system. Of course, safety is a primary concern, so we’re sure to address the addition of inline fuse kits and solar DC disconnect switches (fuses).

You can also peruse our section of helpful tips regarding solar power to better understand how this innovative technology can benefit you, both on and off-grid. Learn how solar panels work, get a sense of the myths around solar panels and why they’re inaccurate, understand how to build off-grid setups using our kits and more – the information we’ve provided can help you to best understand how to make the most of our solar panel kits and how to customize them for your needs.

Some of our clients, rather than order a kit or even customize one of them, opt to build a completely individualized system from our wide selection of equipment. The Inverter Store is happy to thoroughly discuss and advise on options to satisfy any unique power circumstance. Contact us to get the ball rolling with a free consultation with our energy expects, just one part of The Inverter Store’s commitment to providing the best, most comprehensive service possible.

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