Great ways to power your campsite this summer

The Inverter Store has all kinds of portable power supplies for camping come spring, summer, autumn – and even winter (if you enjoy ice fishing or setting up camp next to a glittering, frozen lake).


And while we know you don’t want to spoil the serenity offered by Mother Nature with too many electrically powered gadgets, sometimes you need a bit of power to make the most of your outdoor experiences. When dealing with harsher weather conditions, you may also need a sturdy and reliable portable power supply to weather the storm.

Portable Power Supplies for Camping

When you’re on the go but need a power source, portable power supplies for camping are the way to go. Here are a few options offered by The Inverter Store to bring juice to your outdoor adventures.

Portable Solar Kits: Whether camping, backpacking, hanging out by the lake or tailgating at a college football game, our lightweight portable solar bundles bring power to your world. You can choose from smaller options like our 60-Watt Flexible Bendable Slim Solar Panel and 10 AMP Charge Controller Kit. And for a bigger off-grid power boost – perhaps for an RV or boat – you can select our customizable Mobile Solar Kit (480 Watts), which will keep you powered up wherever you drop anchor or park your camper. We stock a variety of other portable solar kits for camping and portable off-grid power applications.


Portable Fuel-Powered Generators: If you don’t go the solar route, portable fuel-powered generators can be a great option for camping as well. One advantage of fuel-powered gear is that you don’t have to transport or set up solar panels (although foldable panels are easy to work with) – but you will need some type of fuel, like gasoline of diesel, to run your generator.

The Inverter Store’s AIMS 800-Watt Portable CARB-Compliant Inverter Generator – at only 25 lbs. and with a carry handle – is a small fuel-powered power supply perfect for camping in the woods or by the lake. This fuel-efficient generator runs quietly, so it won’t disrupt the tranquility of the nature surrounding you, yet will still give you plenty of sine inverter power while camping. If and when you need even more power dockside or at your remote cabin, you can upgrade to the AIMS 6600-Watt 120/240V AC Portable Inverter Generator, which also comes with handles, along with wheels with brakes to lug it around, making it a truly portable (and quiet-running) source of off-grid power.

Camping and Off-Grid Power Supply Options

Regardless of whether you choose portable fuel-powered generators or portable solar kits for camping, the friendly technicians at The Inverter Store can help advise you on the right power supply path.

Oftentimes, a portable solar power option can be augmented with a fuel-powered generator as well to act as a useful backup resource. The right portable power supply – or a combination of durable power supplies – can make your outdoor camping experiences all the more enjoyable.

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