Solar Powered RVs

It’s no secret that people love RVs. Whether you’re going on a camping trip in an RV or spending most of your time in one traveling from place to place, an RV can be a reliable and fun way to spend time on the road. However, most RVs aren’t equipped with the technology needed to power up basic electronic devices, or anything that requires an AC current to use. This can include things as simple as hairdryers or alarm clocks, but also includes things like microwaves, televisions and more. Shore power exists for this purpose, so that you can power up your electronics when parked at a campground or another location where a three-prong, heavy-duty plug can be connected. But what if you don’t have access to shore power? How will you power your devices?

This is where solar power comes in. Many of us consider solar power to be something that’s exclusively added to permanent homes and houses, but advanced solar power panels can be added to many other surfaces, though it might not seem as commonplace. This includes buses, trucks, boats and of course, RVs. By fitting your RV with solar panels, you can provide clean AC energy to all of your electronic devices without the need for shore power. But how do you go about doing this?

Fitting Your RV for Solar Panels

Whether you’re fitting your RV for solar power so you can enjoy the comforts of AC electricity on the go or creating a mobile home that always has reliable power, having the right set of equipment is important for providing energy. In today’s day and age, many unique solar panel options exist that can be attached directly to an RV. These include flexible solar panels, bendable solar panels and smaller-sized solar panels that can be affixed without the need for additional mounts or accessories. By simply attaching a solar panel or two to the roof of your RV, you can gather energy that can be converted into AC electricity for your devices. Many options out there even include ways to remove these panels while in motion, so you only need to have them attached while parked.

Of course, setting up solar panels isn’t as simple as being able to plug in your devices directly to the panel. You’ll need additional accessories, like charge controllers, cables, fuse kits and more to get the most out of your attached solar panels. You may even need an inverter or inverter charger to be able to plug your devices directly into the power provided by the solar panels. All of this might seem like a lot, but these types of components are necessary for building a complete solar panel set on the go.

Solar Panel Kits You Can Take with You

If you’re confused about what you need to create your perfect solar-powered RV, you’re in luck: We offer a variety of complete solar panel kits that include everything you need, from power inverters and flexible solar panel kits to solar charge controllers and cables. These all-in-one kits give you the freedom to add solar power to your RV without needing to worry about what pieces you’ll need or how to put them together. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly and we’ll be happy to assist you. We’ve been in the business of high-quality solar panels for a while now, and we can help you design your setup too.

Being able to provide AC power to your RV when you aren’t parked at a campground doesn’t have to be a dream. With the right solar panel equipment, you can watch TV and enjoy a microwaved meal no matter where you are. If you’re someone who likes to take your RV out on a trip frequently, then this is surely something that will appeal to you.

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