California Planned Power Outage

The San Francisco Bay area was without electricity starting Oct. 9 in a planned shutdown from California's two largest utilities - Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison. The shutdown impacted about 800,000 electricity customers, but the number of people without power was estimated to be closer to two million: in many cases, an [...]

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What you should know before building a grow room?

What Should You Know Before Building a Grow Room? Whether you want to create a modest year-round flower garden or a massive medical marijuana facility, you'll need a good grow room. As with any new space, the right result begins with proper planning and design. In particular, you'll need the right power setup for a [...]

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How to power a grow room?

How Do You Power a Grow Room? Every avid gardener dreams of having a garden that's open 24/7/365. However, owning a grow room isn't just about having the physical space - you also need adequate power to run it. Fortunately for hobby gardeners, many power technology and efficiency advancements have been made in recent years. [...]

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AIMS Power Portable Generators – 800 & 3200 Watt

Power Anywhere with AIMS Power Portable Inverter Generators We've all been in situations where we need power off the grid, whether we're tailgating, camping or are simply too far away from the garage to power the Shop-Vac. In these situations, we rely on portable power, typically in the form of generators, for a big-time boost. [...]

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Solar Charge Controllers and What They Do

A solar charge controller deals with the power going into the battery bank from the sun oriented cluster. It guarantees that the profound cycle batteries are not cheated amid the day, and that the power doesn't run in reverse to the sun based boards overnight and deplete the batteries. Some accuse controllers are accessible of [...]

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Deciding a inverter for camping and tailgating

Which inverter is right for camping/tailgating? Before purchasing an inverter, it's imperative to comprehend what size devices you'll be running off it. Inverters arrive in a scope of sizes from 150 watts through to 6000 watts and yours ought to be generally twofold the measure of the draw you'll be putting on it. This enables [...]

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Power Inverters for Boats & RVs

What Inverters do? Inverters convert the 12V or 24V DC energy into household 115V AC electricity to operate standard business and household appliances, televisions and tools when land power is not accessible, or when running a generator is not an option. What size inverter should I use? Inverters range from small 100W models, good [...]

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Solar Kits

Converting your business or home to Solar Energy.  The Sun is the ultimate power source, untouched and unscathed by our collection of energy. It is a practical, realistic long term solution for our energy needs. Solar Energy draws on the Sun’s infinite, free power, allowing us to fuel our businesses and homes, save natural [...]

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