Inverter VS. Converter

Inverters vs. Converters If you’re just getting started in the world of inverters, solar energy, generators and other off-grid electricity options, you may have come across converters in addition to power inverters. While the words might be similar, these two devices are actually quite different, and are used for different end results in building an [...]

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Solar Powered RVs

It’s no secret that people love RVs. Whether you’re going on a camping trip in an RV or spending most of your time in one traveling from place to place, an RV can be a reliable and fun way to spend time on the road. However, most RVs aren’t equipped with the technology needed to [...]

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Security of America’s Power Grid

Many of us rely on the power grid of the United States to keep us functioning. We’re using city-provided power everywhere you look - it powers up our computers, it keeps medical equipment running, we use it to keep the lights on, and it’s even used to warm up your leftovers through your microwave or [...]

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AIMS Power Selected as Heartland RV Exclusive Partner

AIMS Power supplies the largest selection of DC to AC inverters, solar panels and solar charge controllers to OEMs and the RV aftermarket. Heartland RV recently signed an exclusive agreement with AIMS Power through which AIMS will provide solar components underpinning the solar packages that will be available on new Heartland RV models as of [...]

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Security of U.S. Electric Grid

The U.S. electric grid - or the massive power flow throughout the country - is supported by only a small number of America's substations. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) reports that the country is vulnerable to a coast-to-coast blackout if only nine of the country's 55,000 electric-transmission substations are disabled by sabotage, extreme weather [...]

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Guide to overcurrent protection and fuses

Overcurrent occurs when a current increases or surges, exceeding the normal current flow, creating an overcurrent. Short circuits and overloads are the main culprits that cause overcurrent. An overload happens when an excessive number of different loads are placed a power source, exceeding its capacity to deal with the power draw. Overloads, if only short-lived [...]

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Using an inverter for basic emergency home backup power

When disaster strikes, there's potential for you to end up without any kind of power in your home or business. If you operate important machinery, frequently have power outages due to storms or natural disasters, or just want to make sure that you can use your appliances in the event of an emergency, you may [...]

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Great ways to power your campsite this summer

The Inverter Store has all kinds of portable power supplies for camping come spring, summer, autumn - and even winter (if you enjoy ice fishing or setting up camp next to a glittering, frozen lake). And while we know you don't want to spoil the serenity offered by Mother Nature with too many electrically powered [...]

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California Planned Power Outage

The San Francisco Bay area was without electricity starting Oct. 9 in a planned shutdown from California's two largest utilities - Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison. The shutdown impacted about 800,000 electricity customers, but the number of people without power was estimated to be closer to two million: in many cases, an [...]

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What you should know before building a grow room?

What Should You Know Before Building a Grow Room? Whether you want to create a modest year-round flower garden or a massive medical marijuana facility, you'll need a good grow room. As with any new space, the right result begins with proper planning and design. In particular, you'll need the right power setup for a [...]

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