Refurbished Power Inverters Terms

OUR REFURBISHED INVERTERS SELL QUICKLY AND OUR WEBSITE CAN TAKE UP TO 48 HOURS TO UPDATE THE INVENTORY. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW IF THE INVERTER IS IN STOCK CALL US AT 888-417-8673 7-5PM PST.  At The Inverter Store we fully test all refurbished products. Whether pure sine or modified sine, we guarantee these inverters have been in the field for less than 90 days and that the product includes a test report when shipped. All of these units work as if they were new. However, they may have some cosmetic damage or missing accessories. All REFURBISHED PRODUCTS ARE SOLD AS IS. THEY MAY BE MISSING TERMINAL COVERS AND/OR BOLTS OR OTHER SMALL ACCESSORIES.

These products have a myriad of conditions including but not limited to: Returns without Original Packaging, Shipping Damage, Board swap, Outdated Model, Cosmetic Damage (Scratches, dents, bends, nicks, cuts, missing external components), Missing accessories (Remotes, Cables, Bolts, Nuts, Washers).

The Inverter Store cannot determine or list every issue possible with every refurbished item provided. The Inverter Store will choose best of the lot on a first-come first-serve basis.

The Inverter Store makes no guarantee that refurbished product will be in stock at time of purchase, or guarantee of restock if item is not available.

All refurbished inverters sold and received by the customer have a 1-year full replacement warranty for functional defects including but not limited to: Overload, No A/C, No Charge, Low Voltage, High Voltage, Short or Catastrophic Internal Damage due to manufacture defect. The Inverter Store will not warranty the product for cosmetic damage or external faults such as dents, cracks or other physical defects that does not affect functionality. The Inverter Store will not warranty missing accessories such as: Remotes, Cables, Voltage Meters, Bolts, Washers, Covers, Fuses, Stickers, Labels, Etc.

All used inverters sold also have a 30 day exchange period for another used product, pending stock. Upgrades are allowed within the first 30 days for used product. The upgrade must be done from the used product line given available inventory at the time. The Inverter Store does not Guarantee exchange or upgrades within the Used Inventory due to uncertain and unpredictable availability. Exchanges within the first 30 days must be in working condition when received by the factory. A non-working inverter will be covered under the Replacement Warranty as outlined above.

Upgrades will be handled at AIMS Power’s discretion. All sales are final on used products.

All used inverters returned by the customer will be fully tested and verified of functionality before an exchange can be issued. Any inverter found to be in working order will be returned to the customer, at the customers expense. All Used Inverters before being returned must follow AIMS Power’s returns police outlined above. An RMA Number must be issued before the inverter is returned. Customer is responsible for return shipping.

Any used inverter returned to us and verified to be functional, without the customer paying for return shipping within 30 days, the inverter will be resold or disposed of at AIMS Power’s discretion.