Advantages of Solar Power

Although solar power was once a high-priced, tough-to-find option, things have significantly changed over the past several years. Not only have prices gone down on solar products and solar kits, but efficiency, accessibility and the variety of options have gone up. Here at The Inverter Store, we are strong supporters of solar power, and we [...]

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What can your inverter power?

Whether you're looking to maintain power during an outage in your home or office, or you want to use additional electronic devices in your RV, an inverter can come to the rescue. Inverters can power everything from overhead lighting and refrigerators to computers and entertainment systems. They can be installed in homes, offices, RVs and [...]

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Tips for Easy Inverter Installation

Now that you've done your research and purchased your ideal inverter to supply power to your RV, home or office, you're more than ready to put it into action. But where to begin? These tips for easy inverter installation from The Inverter Store give you a great place to start. Find a Place to Install [...]

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What is a Sine Wave Inverter?

If you're a fan of camping or extensive road travel, but also enjoy modern conveniences that run on electricity, a sine wave inverter may be your new best friend. Sine wave inverters are devices that transform power from a battery into the same type of power you get from a typical wall outlet in your [...]

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What size of cable should I use with my inverter and battery?

Learning what cable to use for an inverter is a vital step in the process of powering your off-grid system, even if it may not initially seem as important as figuring out the right inverter to use or how much battery power you'll need for your inverters. Finding power inverter cables and power inverter cords [...]

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Why spend the money on a lithium battery?

There are several differences between lithium batteries and AGM. See below for a brief explanation: Benefits of lithium batteries: Lithium batteries offer up to 8x more charge/discharge cycles than AGM & GEL batteries Lithium batteries are 1/2 the weight of AGM & GEL batteries You will need 3 AGM / GEL batteries to every 1 [...]

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How do I connect the charge controller to the battery?

You will need a negative and positive cable to connect the charge controller to the battery. The cable size is determined by the size of the charge controller. We recommend using high quality, certified cable with high quality lugs and shrink tubing. Our cables are UL listed and extra flexible and made for inverter applications. [...]

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What inverter should I use in my RV?

I need power that doesn’t keep the campground up at night! Does this sound familiar? You can have power and not run the generator by using an AIMS DC to AC power inverter. Most RVs come with a converter. Don’t mistake a converter with an inverter. A converter converts 120 VAC electricity into 12 VDC. [...]

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