Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers have a lot of questions.  And we’re here to provide as much information as possible to help you on your way.

Check here for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What size of cable should I use with my inverter and battery?

Learning what cable to use for an inverter is a vital step in the process of powering your off-grid system, even if it may not initially seem as important as figuring out the right inverter to use or how much battery power you'll need for your inverters. Finding power inverter cables and power inverter cords [...]

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What inverter should I use in my RV?

I need power that doesn’t keep the campground up at night! Does this sound familiar? You can have power and not run the generator by using an AIMS DC to AC power inverter. Most RVs come with a converter. Don’t mistake a converter with an inverter. A converter converts 120 VAC electricity into 12 VDC. [...]

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What is an ETL listed inverter?

Our ETL listed models that conform to UL 458 or UL1741 and CSA 22.2 have a few internal components that are different from our non UL models. These components have been recommended by the ETL lab and are required to pass ETL certification equivalent to UL 458 / UL 1741 standards. The ETL listed models [...]

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What equipment can I use with an inverter?

Anything! Ok... almost anything. In general most equipment or devices that you use at home or a commercial job can be used with an inverter but check with your equipment manufacturer. Audio Equipment Some top-of-the-line audio gear is protected by SCRs or Triacs. These devices are installed to guard against power line spikes, surges, and [...]

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What size of inverter do I need?

An inverter needs to supply two needs - Peak or surge power, and the typical or usual power. Surge is the maximum power that the inverter can supply, usually for only a short time (usually no longer than a second unless specified in the inverter’s specifications). Some appliances, particularly those with electric motors, need a [...]

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