Pros and cons of inverters with built-in solar inputs


If you're running a PV (photovoltaic) solar array, which is an interconnected network of solar panels working in unison to produce electricity, you'll need a power inverter to store solar energy in your batteries or a battery bank. But why do you need a power inverter for a PV solar array? Solar power inverters convert [...]

Pre-installed Power Inverters in Your Passenger Vehicle – Uses and Limitations


Pre-installed power inverters in passenger vehicles have become more standard of late. People expect, at the very least, an easily accessible USB port inside their car or truck to charge their cell phone, digital tablet and other similar electronic devices. While there are many pros to purchasing a vehicle with a pre-installed power inverter, there [...]

How long can I run the power inverter on my battery?


If you want power during an outage or you want to run tools and appliances off-grid (in a remote cabin, for example), you'll need a power inverter to convert DC battery power into AC power. Anyone who needs to run appliances and devices like drills, computers, electric lights, hot plates, microwave ovens, phone charges, refrigerators [...]

Watts used by common household appliances


It's a good idea to get a general sense of wattage requirements for appliances in your home, especially if you plan on investing in and setting up some kind of backup or off-grid power option. Regardless of whether you plan on running a pre-wired power station or a solar kit for a smaller cabin/home or [...]

Natural disasters are increasing due to climate change. How to be best prepared for the next decade of disasters


In this brief but comprehensive guide, we'll look at how to prepare for natural disasters. Unfortunately, disasters thrown at us by Mother Nature - including heat waves, violent storms, floods, storm tides, hurricanes, forest fires and more - are increasing due to climate change. You and your family need to ensure you have sufficient survival [...]

How to calculate amp hours of a battery bank


How do you calculate amp hours on a battery bank? This is a question many consumers want to know when purchasing batteries or buying power stations that "tie" AGM or lithium batteries together for everyday use or emergency power needs. So, let's get into the nitty-gritty about how you can calculate battery bank amp hours. [...]

Hurricane Preparedness in 2020


Hurricane Preparedness in 2020 Hurricane Preparedness in 2020: What to do to Prepare for a Hurricane Those of us who live in low-lying areas already have a general idea of how to prepare for hurricane season, but 2020 looks a little bit different than it ever did before. But you need to know how to [...]

The Difference Between Prismatic Pouches & Cylindrical Cells


The Difference Between Prismatic Pouches & Cylindrical Cells With the advent of electric cars, more accessible and affordable solar power, plus a variety of digital tools for off-grid living, the importance of reliable and innovative battery technology is higher than it's ever been. Storing and distributing power is the backbone of all these technologies, after [...]

Proper care and maintenance of the AIMS Power 6600-Watt Generator


The AIMS Power 6,600-Watt Portable Pure Sine Inverter Generator is a high-quality source of off-grid power. This portable generator offers quiet, neighbor-friendly operation and is easy to start with the electric start system powered by a built-in AGM battery. Here's what the AIMS Power 6,600-watt generator brings to the table: Carry handles and wheels make [...]

Can solar panels power a tiny house?


Tiny houses are the latest big thing. Homeowners are ridding themselves of clutter and scaling their lives down for greater energy efficiency and a sense of freedom from conspicuous consumption. Whether your tiny house stands on a permanent foundation or goes mobile on wheels, solar panels for tiny houses amplify the possibilities of a small [...]