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Advantages of Solar Power


Although solar power was once a high-priced, tough-to-find option, things have significantly changed over the past several years. Not only have prices gone down on solar products and solar kits, but efficiency, accessibility and the variety of options have gone up. Here at The Inverter Store, we are strong supporters of solar power, and we put together a list of solar power advantages so you can become one too.

Clean Energy Source

Electricity produced by coal, natural gas and oil comes with a big caveat. Those fossil fuels create harmful emissions that degrade the quality of our soil, water and air. Electricity produced by solar energy does not. Solar power is 100% clean, producing no pollution whatsoever.

Renewable Energy Source

No matter how abundant fossil fuels may seem, they do not exist in infinite supplies. Solar energy does. The sun serves up an unlimited source of energy, providing abundant power as long as the sun continues to shine. Since scientists estimate the sun will keep shining for another 5 billion years, you have plenty of time to take advantage of solar power.

Freedom and Control

Solar power provides freedom on several levels. Perhaps the greatest freedom comes from not having to rely on an antiquated electrical grid to power your needs. Power outages have increased in duration and frequency over the past 15 years, and it may only get worse as more and more people plug into the grid.

Residential solar systems let you power your home by the rooftop panels during the day, and then switch to energy stored in a battery during the night. Your home becomes self-sufficient for electricity with consistent power regardless of the outages going on elsewhere.

Freedom also comes from the ability to live as far away from an energy grid as you wish. Living with electricity in remote locations is a reality, whether it’s in the middle of a rural prairie or high on a majestic mountaintop.

Save Money

When you start using solar to meet some of your energy needs, your electricity bill is going to decrease. The amount of the decrease depends on the size and capacity of your solar system, along with the amount of electricity or heat you still generate from the grid. Stop getting all power from the grid, and your electricity bills can go down to zero.

You may also be eligible to receive money back. If your solar system is attached to the grid, and you end up producing more energy than you can use, you may be compensated for exporting it back to the grid. Installing a solar system in your home or business may also qualify you for a federal, state or local tax break.

Solar power continues to work even on cloudy days or in perpetually cold and cloudy climates. This means you can continue to save or earn money all year round in any type of weather.

Low Cost for Maintenance

Once your solar kit is installed, maintenance is inexpensive and a breeze. Basic maintenance involves keeping panels relatively clean, which you can do by cleaning them twice a year. Since fixed solar panels don’t have any moving parts, you’re not going to experience a lot of wear and tear. Most quality solar product manufacturers also offer notable warranties.

Even though the inverter is continuously working to convert solar energy into heat and electricity, you can expect it to last at least five to 10 years. Regular cable maintenance is another part of the equation, as you want to keep them in optimum shape so your system runs at top efficiency.

Costs Decreasing

While the cost of solar kits, panels and home batteries used to be a major hurdle, they are all becoming more affordable. They’re also becoming more efficient, resilient and accessible. Consider a home battery system that replenishes its supply with solar power, which can remove the hassle, expense and uncertainty of a traditional diesel or gas-powered generator.

Variety of Options

As the cost of solar panels and home batteries have decreased, your options have increased. Solar kit choices range from portable, foldable panels you can take anywhere to solar panels that remain fixed in a specific location. Go for a solar kit that’s totally off the grid, or opt for a grid-tie solar kit that keeps you connected. You’ll find a generous selection of sizes and capacities to suit an equally wide variety of uses and needs.

At The Inverter Store, choices include:

  • Portable solar kits
  • Solar kits in small, medium, large and extra large
  • Solar kits for small cabins or homes
  • Solar kits for large homes
  • Solar kits for mobile businesses


With all the benefits that come with solar power, it makes sense to give it a try. You can find cost-effective, highly efficient options for camping, powering specific equipment or daily living and functioning in your home or business. Start by browsing the collection of solar products and solar kits right here at The Inverter Store.

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