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Five Solar Energy Myths Debunked – What is Solar Power?

Is solar power worth it for your home or business? Like almost anything in life, the answer depends on the situation, with solar panels working better for some than for others.

But what’s important is that you have the facts before making a decision – and there is a lot of misinformation about solar power. Whether these myths were started by consumers nervous about change or by fossil fuel companies trying to discredit renewable energy, some persist to this day. The Inverter Store has taken a look at the top five solar power myths with the truth behind the fiction.

Myth #1: I should wait to install solar panels until the technology improves.

Fact: It’s true that, like any technology, solar is still improving. Still, most solar energy systems you install today will be effective for at least 20 years before you need to replace them. Our AIMS solar panels are guaranteed to still work at 90% efficiency after 12 years and 80% efficiency after 30 years. What’s the last automobile, computer or light bulb you owned that was still 80% as good after 30 years?

Myth #2: Solar panels cost too much for me to afford.

Fact: Solar panels did cost a lot when they were first introduced, but these costs get lower every year. According to MIT, the price of solar PV modules fell a whopping 99% between 1978 between 2018. This is thanks to improved efficiency, better manufacturing and easier installation. Credits and rebates can lower the price even further. The federal Solar Investment Tax Credit allows homeowners to deduct 30% of solar installation costs, and states offer their own policies and incentives too, making solar power for home use even more accessible.

Myth #3: I need a battery bank to store solar energy.

Fact: Most current solar panel systems are tied into the regular electrical power grid. This means the solar panels produce power during the day with the extra amount fed into the grid via net metering. When the sun goes down, your home switches back to electrical power – but the utility company issues credit for the excess power the panels added. Batteries are typically only added for back-up power or for vacation homes that are off the main power grid.

Myth #4: Solar panels won’t work when it’s cloudy or cold.

Fact: When most people ask, “How does solar power work?”, they’re told it has to be sunny and warm – but nothing could be further than the truth. Solar panels don’t require direct sunlight to generate energy, so even in cloudy or foggy weather, they’ll still gather adequate light to function. As for the temperature, solar PV panels are actually more efficient when it’s cold, helping counterbalance the shorter winter days.

Myth #5: Solar panels require too much maintenance.

Fact: Once they’re installed, solar panels need less maintenance than almost any other type of power system. They don’t have any moving parts, so there’s nothing that needs to be repaired or replaced. Oftentimes, rainfall will be enough to wash the dirt away – if not, all you need to clean them is a hose. The only major maintenance is clearing off snow and removing large debris that might fall on them.

Want to add renewable solar energy to your home? Shop now for inventive solar products or contact The Inverter Store for more information. We can help set the record straight on anything you might have heard or read about solar.

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