How do I hook up the inverter to my battery(s)?2019-09-27T05:38:34-07:00

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How do I hook up the inverter to my battery(s)?

You will need cables. Each inverter requires a negative and positive cable. We recommend the maximum length of 15 feet. If your application requires longer than 15 foot cables, we advise increasing the cable size (awg). To find out what size of cable is needed for you inverter, click on the inverter and click on the ‘Add Cables’ section.
You can also use the following formula to calculate the max amps per inverter: Inverter wattage / inverter DC voltage = DC amps (2000 watt inverter \ 12 volt DC = 166.6 DC amps). Using this example, our 1/0 AWG cable is adequate for this application because the 1/0 AWG is rated up to 284 amps. This cable will be able to handle the required amps of 166.6 up to 20 feet because the max current of the cable far exceeds the required 166.6 amps.