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Proper care and maintenance of the AIMS Power 6600-Watt Generator2022-12-06T02:09:42-08:00

Project Description

The AIMS Power 6,600-Watt Portable Pure Sine Inverter Generator is a high-quality source of off-grid power. This portable generator offers quiet, neighbor-friendly operation and is easy to start with the electric start system powered by a built-in AGM battery.

Here’s what the AIMS Power 6,600-watt generator brings to the table:

  • Carry handles and wheels make its 191-pound weight easily portable.
  • Five gallons of unleaded fuel run the four-stroke OHV engine for five hours at 100% load.
  • An economy switch yields even better fuel efficiency and quieter operation.
  • This unit produces 6,600 watts of maximum power or 6,000 watts of continuous, clean, pure sine power that’s suitable for sensitive electronics and devices.
  • Included on each generator are:
    • Two USB outlets
    • 30-amp 120/240V, 12V DC plug
    • 20-amp resettable GFCI outlets
    • AC/DC resettable breakers for over-current and short-circuit protection

Home Generator Maintenance

To keep your AIMS generator running smoothly for the long haul, it’s important to have a regular generator maintenance schedule. Here’s what AIMS and the experts at The Inverter Store recommend for your home generator maintenance schedule:

Every Time You Use Your Generator:

  • Check the oil level before turning the generator on.
  • Inspect the fuel line hose for cracks or damage.
  • Inspect the exhaust system for leakage, tightening or replacing gaskets as necessary.
  • Make sure the choke and recoil starter are functioning properly.
  • Verify that the generator’s pilot light comes on.

After One Month or 20 Hours of Use:

  • Replace the engine’s oil while the unit is stable on a flat surface and warm (but not hot).

Every Three Months or 50 Hours of Use:

  • Check and clean the spark plugs, especially the insulator tip; adjust the gap and replace fouled plugs.
  • Check the air filter. Wash the element in solvent and let dry. Apply oil and squeeze, but don’t wring, out excess so it does not drip. Reinsert element into filter. Caution: Never run your generator without its air filter.

Every Six Months or 100 Hours of Use

  • Replace the engine’s oil while the unit is warm but not hot and stable on a flat surface.
  • Clean the oil filter.
  • Clean the fuel cock filter or replace it if necessary. Caution: Make sure fuel tank cap is securely tightened after cleaning.
  • Check all the fittings and fasteners, replacing any that are worn or broken.

Every 12 Months or 300 Hours of Use

  • When the generator’s engine is cold, check and adjust the valve clearance.
  • When the engine is cold or cooled down, check the muffler screen in the exhaust system, then clean it or replace it if necessary. Caution: Do not attempt this on a hot engine.
  • Check the fan in the cooling system for any damage.
  • Check the engine’s idle speed and adjust it as needed.
  • Check the breather hose in the crankcase for cracks or damage and replace it if necessary.

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