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Natural disasters are increasing due to climate change. How to be best prepared for the next decade of disasters


In this brief but comprehensive guide, we'll look at how to prepare for natural disasters. Unfortunately, disasters thrown at us by Mother Nature - including heat waves, violent storms, floods, storm tides, hurricanes, forest fires and more - are increasing due to climate change. You and your family need to ensure you have sufficient survival [...]

Hurricane Preparedness in 2020


Hurricane Preparedness in 2020 Hurricane Preparedness in 2020: What to do to Prepare for a Hurricane Those of us who live in low-lying areas already have a general idea of how to prepare for hurricane season, but 2020 looks a little bit different than it ever did before. But you need to know how to [...]

Proper care and maintenance of the AIMS Power 6600-Watt Generator


The AIMS Power 6,600-Watt Portable Pure Sine Inverter Generator is a high-quality source of off-grid power. This portable generator offers quiet, neighbor-friendly operation and is easy to start with the electric start system powered by a built-in AGM battery. Here's what the AIMS Power 6,600-watt generator brings to the table: Carry handles and wheels make [...]

What does CARB compliant mean for generators?


It's easy to take clean, fresh air for granted. You might not connect the air you breathe with the generator you choose, but they're more closely linked than it seems. If you've seen the term "CARB Complaint" in specifications for a generator, you might wonder what that means. This guide breaks down what exactly CARB [...]

How to tell what size generator I need?


It's always good to have a back-up plan. A generator keeps your household running when the power goes out, either from a storm, natural disaster or other emergency. Once you've decided to protect your home and family with a back-up power source, the next question you likely ask yourself is: what size generator do I [...]

Do you offer financing?


NEED FINANCING? We have partnered with BREAD® or Paypal Credit for financing. BREAD®: Simply add the products to the shopping cart, click "Pay Over Time" and see if you are pre-approved on the spot! For more information about Bread® click here. Paypal Credit: Chose Paypal Credit as a payment option during checkout and follow the [...]