Why go off grid?  

With the growing popularity of off grid living and off grid back up power you may have questions about going off grid.  Here we provide you with valuable information and insight into off grid power and solar applications.

Find out about the effect of seasonal weather on your solar output, the advantages of off grid living, and more here.

Watts used by common household appliances


It's a good idea to get a general sense of wattage requirements for appliances in your home, especially if you plan on investing in and setting up some kind of backup or off-grid power option. Regardless of whether you plan on running a pre-wired power station or a solar kit for a smaller cabin/home or [...]

Can solar panels power a tiny house?


Tiny houses are the latest big thing. Homeowners are ridding themselves of clutter and scaling their lives down for greater energy efficiency and a sense of freedom from conspicuous consumption. Whether your tiny house stands on a permanent foundation or goes mobile on wheels, solar panels for tiny houses amplify the possibilities of a small [...]

How do solar panels work?


Solar power can seem like the newest thing in renewable energy because it is always improving. This power source finds its origins with French scientist Edmond Becquerel, who first discovered the photoelectric effect - the way certain materials give off an electrical spark when sunlight hits them - in the early 1800s. By the 1950s, other [...]

How to mount RV solar panels


Cruising in a recreational vehicle is a great way to see the country in style and comfort. When you install solar panels for RV roofs, you also add the freedom of a power source that's not dependent on a hook-up so you can really get away from it all. The experts at The Inverter Store [...]

Why it’s good to have solar and a generator


Why Should I Combine Solar Power with a Gas Generator? If you've heard about solar power tax rebates or noticed shiny solar panels appearing on the rooftops of your neighbors' homes, you're probably considering making the leap to clean solar power yourself. Establishing a whole house solar generator can already seem like a tricky process, [...]

Can I Go Off Grid with Solar This Year?


Off-Grid Power Storage Using Solar Panels & Batteries "Cutting the cord" isn't just limited to how people now watch TV. More and more homeowners are asking about setting up an off-grid power system. Going completely independent from conventional power is attractive for many reasons, including lower electricity costs, helping the environment and never worrying about [...]

Debunking Myths about Solar Power


Five Solar Energy Myths Debunked - What is Solar Power? Is solar power worth it for your home or business? Like almost anything in life, the answer depends on the situation, with solar panels working better for some than for others. But what's important is that you have the facts before making a decision - [...]

How to Prepare Your Solar Panels For Winter


How Well do Solar Panels Work in Winter - Tips on Solar Summer is over, and autumn passes quickly on the march toward winter. As the days get shorter and colder, thoughts turn to coming snowstorms and indoor activities. To ensure that your home is warm, and your power-drawing indoor appliances and electronic equipment are [...]

Do Solar Panels Work in Snow and During Winter?


Solar Panels in Winter - Do They Work in Snow? The exponential growth of solar power in the U.S. is easy to understand in light of the major cost-saving benefits of this environmentally friendly energy resource. And the fact that the cost of installing solar panels has decreased by nearly 70% over the past decade [...]

Advantages of Solar Power


Advantages of Solar Power   Although solar power was once a high-priced, tough-to-find option, things have significantly changed over the past several years. Not only have prices gone down on solar products and solar kits, but efficiency, accessibility and the variety of options have gone up. Here at The Inverter Store, we are strong supporters [...]