In order to run a remote power system, you’ll need the right battery to keep the current flowing. 6V deep cycle batteries are purpose-built specifically for these long-use applications. Normal lead-acid batteries, like the ones used in vehicles, are designed to provide a surge of current that may last only seconds. But these deep-cycle batteries provide the steady current you need for your work site, home emergency back-up, vacation cabin or recreational vehicle. And they can be deeply discharged for cycle after cycle and still work as good as new after a recharge. The thicker plates they contain resist corrosion during these long cycles for lasting performance.

AIMS Power 6-volt deep cycle batteries provide the current and versatility you need for large DC power setups. These long-lasting batteries are safer to use, can operate at low outdoor temperatures and are more economical than ordinary lead-acid batteries. They also require no maintenance other than recharging and cleaning.

Add a voltmeter, fuse kits, jumper cables and other accessories at check-out and you’ll be ready to hook up your new power system. Visit our FAQs to learn how to connect your batteries quickly and easily.