When you need to send large amounts of power over short distances, our 1/0 AWG inverter cable products are the solution. This thick, low-resistance copper wire is rated for transferring up to 284 amps of current and also provides a good ground to prevent shorting. As such, it is ideal for short runs where you either have high amounts of regular power or want to protect against surges. Many people use it for audio equipment, but it is also an excellent cable for directly connecting high-voltage battery and power inverter setups as part of a remote or backup system.

At The Inverter Store, we carry the right 1/0 gauge cables to get your batteries connected in series or parallel. Our standard 1/0 inverter cable set with lugged ends is available in nearly a dozen lengths from 1 foot to 20 feet. This means you can use them to directly connect batteries and connect both the positive and negative ends to the inverter. A set of 1/0 AWG cables with alligator clamps is a good choice for charging or jump-starting batteries when you need a temporary connection. Jumper battery cables also support the high current loads required. These cables are made for inverters that are 3,000 watts or smaller, and can also be used for transformers, switchboard panels, electronic circuits and testing meters.

Our 1/0 high-capacity cables have a tough PVC jacket that is resistant to flames, moisture, abrasions, fuels and acid. Yet they are extra flexible so you can work with them confidently. Each cable is UL-certified to standard 758 for performance and safety. Order them now at competitive prices as part of your inverter and battery setup. For more about how to connect equipment use the cables here, visit our FAQs page or call toll-free during business hours.