Inline Inverter Fuses

A good inline inverter fuse is an essential part of protecting and maintaining the efficiency of your off-grid power system. Though the wiring in your off-grid power system is built to handle the normal capacity of the battery bank and inverter, there are still instances where you will be pushing your power system to the limits. Any capacity that is more than normal, like an overcurrent surge, will generate a lot of heat and may cause issues for your equipment. The Inverter Store can help you protect your system with one of our ANL inline inverter fuses.

Why Inline Inverter Fuses Are Important

Adding the right inline inverter fuse to your system is essential, as it adds a layer of safety. This overcurrent tool, when used in conjunction with a breaker, protects both the batteries and the cables from overheating, whether due to normal use or a ground fault. Not only does this added protection reduce the chance of internal equipment damage, but it also curtails the risk of a heat-related fire.

The Inverter Store is here to help you order the right inverter cable fuses for your system. For your convenience, there are three different ways you can order your inline inverter fuses, all at competitive prices:

  • Standard replacement inline fuses are for you if you have an existing battery inverter system and an existing fuse has blown or been damaged.
  • An inline fuse and holder set is for you if you are setting up a new system but you already have jumper cables.
  • An inline fuse kit is for you if you are assembling a high-current system from scratch. This kit contains the fuse, holder and jumper cable.

Find the Inline Inverter Fuse You Need at The Inverter Store

The Inverter Store carries ANL inline fuses in six different amperages to fit a diverse mix of setups. Our inline inverter fuses are made from high-quality materials to provide excellent protection for batteries and cables. Options start at 80-amp fuses, which are recommended for most 12V/600-watt or 24V/1,000-watt inverters. They go up all the way to 500-amp inline fuses that are designed for 12,000-watt power inverters.

When choosing your inline inverter fuse, be sure to choose the size that most closely matches the amperage output on your system. The proper sizing is important to prevent overheating, improve efficiency and increase safety, even if the system surges beyond capacity.

Please get in touch with our power inverter experts today to learn how we can help you protect your system with an inline inverter fuse. We’ve been helping people with their inverters since 2000 and have the supplies and knowledge to help you, too.