All-in-One Pure Sine Inverter Chargers

Welcome to The Inverter Store’s selection of pure sine power inverter chargers. This variety includes all of our DC to AC pure sine inverter chargers that are ideal for powering your sensitive electronics and anything with a circuit board. Put these all-in-one devices to use with your variable speed motors, microwaves, medical equipment, TVs, lights and more. This kind of power, which is often referred to as “clean power,” is the most similar to regular city power and ensures that your appliances run efficiently, quietly and seamlessly. Get great prices on AIMS Power inverter chargers, including some that are ETL Certified to UL 458 or UL 1741 standards.

The Benefits of Inverter Chargers

What’s the difference between pure sine inverter chargers and pure sine power inverters? As its name suggests, the former is an inverter with a built-in charger, whereas the latter is a standalone inverter that does not charge batteries. Our inverter/chargers serve first and foremost as a pure sine inverter, converting DC to AC power cleanly and efficiently. However, they also automatically charge a battery bank when the city or generator power is available. Additionally, they serve as a transfer switch that can determine whether or not there is power available from another source. The switch goes back and forth between city/generator power and inverter power automatically. These are generally used in mobile applications, like in cars and boats where you need backup power on the go, but they are also commonly employed in off-grid systems.

As you can see, these top-notch inverter chargers are extremely versatile and are therefore an excellent option for many of our customers. The most common inverter chargers in our selection are 12- and 24-volt inverter chargers. You can use our 12-volt inverter chargers for cars and trucks or smaller backup power systems, or move up to the 24-volt inverter chargers for commercial vans, trucks, some buses, or backup power systems with multiple batteries. You will also find 48-volt inverter chargers at The Inverter Store, which are appropriate for off-grid backup power systems using large amounts of power and batteries.