12-Volt Pure Sine Power Inverters

High-Quality 12-Volt Pure Sine Inverters

Get reliable power whenever and wherever you need it with 12-volt pure sine power inverters from The Inverter Store. These 12-volt units are generally used in cars or trucks, or smaller backup power systems, so they make an ideal option if you’re looking for a portable inverter that you can take on the go. Due to their smaller size and power capabilities, they function well when added to vehicles without a direct power connection like buses or boats. They can also be used for powering smaller off-the-grid buildings like cabins or sheds.

These inverters utilize pure sine waves, which allows them to run smoother, cleaner, quieter and more efficiently than modified sine inverters. Thus, you can count on these kinds of inverters to safely keep your sensitive electronics, including anything with a circuit board, in action. They also work exceptionally well for running smaller appliances or tools where precision is important. The seamless pure sine waves generated by these inverters will result in a smooth and consistent application.

You’ll be able to effortlessly run your items with a smoother connection that you might get from the same size modified sine inverter. Our 12-volt AIMS inverters have excellent features that make them highly efficient – many have improved output at a low voltage – and simple to operate. These features include dual thermally controlled cooling fans, short circuit protection, five-function protection with LED indicators and more. Plus, you’ll always get at least a one-year warranty on parts and labor (and even longer if you choose ETL certified 12-volt inverters) when you shop The Inverter Store.

Find Just What You’re Looking For

Our expert team is more than happy to assist you with finding the appropriate 12-volt power inverter for your specific needs. Our selection ranges in size from compact 180- and 300-watt 12-volt inverters all the way up to full-featured 5,000-watt 12-volt inverters with industrial-grade components. Take a peek at our ETL certified inverters, including those that are certified to UL 458 or UL 1741 standards. Need more voltage? Shop our 24-volt and 48-volt pure sine inverters.

Make sure to check out our selection of cables and accessories to find everything you need for your backup power system or power inverter connection. If you have any questions regarding any of the inverters in this category, please contact us directly via phone or chat – we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the pure sine power inverter that’s right for your needs.