48-Volt Pure Sine Power Inverters

When you’re in need of consistent power output that boasts efficiency at higher loads, you need an AIMS Power 48-volt pure sine power inverter. These pure sine power inverters convert DC to AC power so that they can be connected to a variety of devices that require an outlet or energy generally provided by a larger electricity grid. With a power inverter, you’ll be able to take your appliances, devices and other electronics with you wherever you go.

Generally used for backup systems that use golf cart batteries, The Inverter Store’s 48-volt pure sine power inverters are ideal for reliably powering a wide range of electronics. Unlike modified sine inverters, pure sine inverters offer smooth, seamless and clean powering, so they’re safe for your more sensitive electronic components. In fact, our 48-volt pure sine inverters provide the safest option for powering anything with a circuit board – microwaves, TVs, computers, you name it. Our selection includes pure sine 48-volt inverters offering up to 12,000 watts.

Inverters Made for Performance

As far as golf cart battery inverters go, we offer some of the best at The Inverter Store. No matter your application, you’ll find that these high-performance inverters bring sensible, reliable function to the job. Our inverters perform very well with minimal power loss and offer notable increases in efficiency. With smart features like battery priority protectors, built-in multi-stage smart chargers, marine-coated housings and more, you’re sure to find an option here that works well in your specific environment. Our inverters typically come with an either a one- or two-year warranty on parts and labor.

Need ETL certified options? We are happy to provide 48-volt options that are ETL certified to UL 458 or UL 1741 standards, which may be required in your industry or application. Note that ETL inverters generally come with longer warranties than non-certified ones, so this is something to consider if you’re looking for the absolute best option on the market. If you have any questions about these inverters or aren’t sure which size or type is best for your unique use, please contact us today for personalized advice.

Make sure to browse our store for top-performance equipment and accessories that you might need for a complete installation, whether you’re building an off-grid power system or are simply looking to power an appliance, tool or other device. We have an extensive selection of batteries, cables, fuse kits and other items that will help your inverter reach its fullest potential.