Solar Panel Kits for Easy Solar Power

Solar Power Made Easy with Solar Kits

If you are looking to create or add to your solar setup, you have come to the right place! The Inverter Store specializes in creating special solar panel kits that contain everything you need to start harvesting power from the sun in no time flat, whether your goal is to have reliable backup power in your vehicle or to start from scratch building a full residential system from the ground up. The best part is, you’ll save a ton when you buy solar equipment as a kit from The Inverter Store.

Our solar panel bundles come with everything you need to begin converting your home, business or cabin into a fully functioning off-grid getaway, right down to the fuse kits and branch connectors. By purchasing a solar power kit, you can get everything from the same place, all at once, including the panels, cables, racks, charge controllers and batteries you need – not to mention one of the most important pieces of solar conversion equipment, the inverter.

We also have small and portable solar kits that you can use when you need reliable power on the go, such as in your RV, boat, car, truck or bus. The Inverter Store is committed to supplying you with all your solar needs.

Our solar kits vary widely, with options ranging from affordable flexible solar panel and controller combos to full-home solar bundles that come with up to a dozen solar panels, a dozen AGM batteries and a massive 12,000-watt inverter.

New to Solar? Start with a Solar Kit

If you’re embarking on your very first DIY solar project, then we highly recommend starting with one of our cutting-edge solar power kits. Finding the right equipment pairings can be time-consuming and overwhelming, but these kits offer a better and more comprehensive alternative.

In addition to saving you time and money, The Inverter Store’s solar panel kits also come with excellent warranties. Many of our electrical components, including our inverters and charge controllers, also come with free tech support with help from a team of solar experts ready to help you get the best out of your setup.

Reach out to The Inverter Store today to help you get started with the right solar kit for your system. We finance, too!