Lithium Battery Kits

In today’s modern world, even when you’re getting away for the hustle and bustle of the city, you still need reliable power for life’s necessities. Our lithium battery kits and off-grid solar panel kits are designed to provide power when a traditional AC or DC system is nowhere to be found. An off-grid kit can be used with RVs and commercial buses that frequently travel to remote areas as well as mountain cabins or vacation homes that stay in those areas. And you can also install these portable systems at an on-grid building if the current power situation isn’t adequate.

Our lithium battery kits include items like solar panels, solar charge controllers, battery extender cables, panel brackets, inline fuses, inverter chargers and of course, lithium batteries. Each kit is unique, featuring different items to produce a different off-grid setup for your specific needs.

Fully Customizable Kits

These kits are completely customizable to match your needs. Add accessories such as inline fuse kits, solar disconnect switches, LCD remotes and ground mount racks to set up your system safely and use it the way that’s best for you. You can also add additional 12v lithium batteries and pure sine power inverters for a complete setup. As an authority on solar power and remote power, we do more to help you run your important electrical devices even when there’s no electrical grid. Click on a kit to learn more about how it works or visit our FAQs for information on connecting your system and available tax rebates.

Make sure to look through the rest of our store to find accessories to complete your off-grid setup. We offer products like cables, fuse kits, charge controllers, panel brackets and much more so that you can add to a power kit. If you have questions regarding any of these lithium battery kits, please contact us directly via phone, chat or email. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, including how to determine which kit is right for your needs.