Pre-Wired All-in-One Power Stations

AIMS Power Pre-Wired All-in-One Power Stations

Find pre-wired all-in-one power stations that feature everything you need to set up an off-grid power system that provides electricity without the need for a larger electric grid. These power systems combine inverter chargers with AIMS Power batteries and pre-wired plugs so that you can connect your electronics, tools, appliances and other devices directly to the power station without needing to purchase additional equipment.

Ready-to-Use, All-in-One Power

The new AIMS Power pre-wired all-in-one power stations are a sight to behold! With batteries and inverter charger pre-wired in the new AIMS Power battery cabinet, this system is a great setup for your power needs. Available with AGM or lithium batteries, these power stations are a fantastic addition to the AIMS Power line of powerful and user-friendly power solutions.

Back-Up Power for Daily and Emergency Use

When grid power goes down in the event of a natural disaster or power outage, the AIMS Power station will keep your lights on and critical items running. These power stations also make fantastic choices for off-the-grid locations like cabins or small houses where city-provided power is unavailable. Whether you’re going camping or are looking for a power station that can provide electricity in the event of an outage, these pre-wired stations will benefit you and power all of your appliances. Since they also feature inverter chargers, they will be able to switch between battery power and city-provided power as well. Increase safety and keep your business running during a power outage with this all-in-one power solution.

Have Questions?

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