Solar Panel Kits for Sheds, Small Homes and Cabins

At The Inverter Store, we often get requests regarding solar setups for small homes or cabins that are off the grid or want to be. Most solar system kits are designed for adding additional power or reserve power options to pre-existing setups. However, we understand the need and desire for fully off-grid solar solutions. For this reason, we’ve put together a collection of small cabin solar packages, solar panel kits and solar bundles that you can use to begin your setup without a ton of planning on your behalf. Our complete solar kits for home already come with just about everything you need to begin harnessing power from the sun, including solar panels, inverters, batteries, cables and solar charge controllers. Typically, we recommend kits ranging from 60 to 720 watts for smaller homes, depending on how many devices and appliances need power. If you’d like further information in order to make the optimal decision regarding your off-grid small home solar system kit, you can contact one of our specialists who can guide you through the process.

In this section, you’ll find solar kits that range from 480-watt solar systems to solar kits specifically designed to maintain and power your refrigerator and other appliances during a power outage. We also offer a variety of portable solar kits for RVs, boats and more, as well as options featuring flexible solar panels which can be ideal for surfaces that aren’t flat.

As you can tell, our small home solar panel kits vary widely in terms of what they can power. From small, portable solar panels to six-panel bundles that are capable of providing power to medium-sized homes, there’s something in your selection that’s perfect for your individual needs. You can further customize your solar panel kits to suit your environment by adding batteries, inverters, ground mount solar racks and other common accessories that will easily complete your setup. We can help you create both permanent and temporary solar setups in your small structure.

Our solar house kits come in a diverse range for any need or project. If you’d like additional information regarding solar panel kits, you can peruse our section of helpful guides, which offer information on how solar panels work, how to prepare your solar panels for winter and many more helpful tips and tutorials. Whether you’re experienced with working with solar systems or are just starting out, The Inverter Store has information that could make a difference in your upcoming projects.

Why Buy Solar Kits from Us?

There are a few good reasons to start your solar journey with a professionally bundled solar panel kit. Most importantly, they save you the time and effort associated with finding compatible products that are right for your unique environment. They also come all together and ready to install, so you don’t need to wait for pieces and parts to arrive from other sources. What’s more, you’ll save on your setup when you buy solar panel kits from The Inverter Store, as our products come with great discounts when purchased as kits.

So browse our collection of complete small home solar system kits to find the perfect setup for your shed, cabin, small home or other off-grid location. Our small house solar kits are affordable and assembled as per your needs. Remember to shop The Inverter Store for the rest of your solar product needs, as we offer additional accessories such as mounting brackets, solar panel cables and connectors, and many more accessories to complete your off-grid home solar system today.