Large Solar Kits for Big Houses and Cabins

If you’re planning on making the big leap from the grid to solar in your large home, you’ve probably got a lot to think about. Of course, there’s the solar panels – how many do you need? – but then there’s also the inverters, batteries, cables and connectors. If you’re not an electrician or a scientist, all of this probably sounds intimidating. But in truth, reliable solar power is as achievable and accessible as ever, and getting your perfect setup isn’t nearly as complex as it once was, especially with The Inverter Store’s professionally pre-bundled solar kits for large homes.

Everything You Need for Clean Solar Power

The Inverter Store is here to help you find the perfect solar kit for your large home or cabin, whether you’re building a system from scratch or need to expand upon your existing setup. For larger homes and businesses, we typically recommend either our 1590- or 3180-watt solar panel kits that come with up to 12 panels each. These complete solar bundles also include large inverter chargers, solar charge controllers, connectors, batteries, cables, fuse kits and more products that simplify setup and maintenance.

Each and every one of our large solar panel kits also comes with one of our high-performance AIMS Power pure sine power inverter chargers in 6,000- to 12,000- watt options to suit your needs. These inverter chargers have a built-in charger and automatic transfer switch that goes back and forth between the city power or generator power and the inverter power automatically. Of course, if you need additional solar products, you can always easily add them to your order. Add LCD remotes, mount racks, solar disconnect switches and more to build your custom solar kit at The Inverter Store.