Kits for All Your Mobile Solar Power Needs

These days, it’s less necessary than ever to have a brick-and-mortar business, and sometimes it just makes sense for you to be out in the field. Business owners who need to be off-grid or away from accessible power for long periods of time, or those who want to support renewable energy, will benefit from The Inverter Store’s unique mobile solar panel kits. Small- and medium-sized businesses can easily harvest power whenever, wherever with these travel-friendly solar kits that can be stored in the back of any company vehicle, truck or RV.

Solar Power Kits for Any Mobile Application

Some of the businesses that can benefit from our portable, foldable solar kits are food trucks, mobile groomers, contractors who need short-term setups in trailers, companies touring in RVs, mobile boutiques, traveling pet shelters and sales teams that are constantly out and about making deals. We also have durable options that can handle more demanding and rugged environments, including industrial, research and emergency applications. No matter your industry or end goals, The Inverter Store will happily partner you with a go-anywhere solar kit that can help you perform your job better.

Our selection of mobile solar panel kits includes a wide range of options, from single-panel, 60-watt bundles to 240-watt kits that come with two high-quality panels and a pure sine power inverter. Each one comes with everything required to harvest efficient, clean power from the sun, including charge controllers, batteries, cables, connectors and other items, and you can also easily add supplies to your order before checkout. You can always contact us if you don’t see what you need in this selection.