Small Solar Panel Kits

The Inverter Store’s small solar system kits are the perfect choice for your small, temporary or experimental setup. These tiny solar panel kits and flexible solar panel sets are ideal for generating clean power in less energy-heavy environments and for small amounts of additional power in the case of emergencies or to power small appliances. For example, our mini portable solar panel kits can be employed while you’re camping, backpacking or if you need quick-setup solar power in your boat, RV or vehicle. We also have small solar panel bundles for permanent applications, which are wonderful for smaller cabins, homes and lodges that are off the grid. As usual, you can expect top-notch quality on AIMS Power solar equipment from The Inverter Store.

The micro solar power kits that we offer at The Inverter Store range from small solar kits with battery to full sets of solar panels – both rigid and flexible. Among our collection of prepared solar panel kits for sale, you can find a variety of included tools and electronics, ranging from charge controllers and lithium batteries to mini solar inverter kits and disconnect switches. If you’d like more information about what solar system kit is right for you, contact our technical support and one of our experts will assist you. Whether you’d like to know how a product functions or if you’d like help understanding how to quantify your exact needs for your project, help is just a phone call way.

If you’d like to determine this information on your own and determine which solar kit is best for your needs, first look at the environment. If you’re in the market for a solar kit that you can pack up and take with you in a matter of seconds, then you’re probably best off with one of our flexible, portable solar panel kits. Though these kits are made of high-performance, efficient monocrystalline, they don’t weigh a ton and are extremely easy to set up in a pinch. We also have small solar kits for houses, cabins and other permanent applications if you want a small but permanent setup that will last you for years. Shop small kits from 60 to 720 watts in this selection.

If you’re looking for a larger solution for on-grid power outages or for larger permanent residences that are off-grid, consider browsing our selection of large solar panel kits for large homes that include everything you need to get started on your solar system project. We also offer several accessories for your new solar system including solar panel mounts and brackets, solar panel cables and connectors, additional solar panels and much, much more.

The Best Solar Panel Bundles

Why bundle your kits? It’s simple: buying as a group saves you time, money and effort. Our team has carefully curated each of these small solar kits to include everything you need for an efficient, straightforward setup. Not only that, but you will save a big chunk of your solar investment fund when you choose to bundle products rather than buy them separately from our store. If you need more wattage to power larger homes or vehicles, make sure to explore our medium, large and extra-large solar kits as well.

If you’d like more information on how solar panel kits work, you can check out The Inverter Store’s helpful companion guides, which will give you tips as well as information to make the best investment possible. Whether you’re looking to find out just how solar panel kits work or the direct advantages of solar power, The Inverter Store has you covered. We want to make sure that you make the best choice for your project.