Top-Quality Solar Panels and Solar Equipment

Looking for long-lasting, reliable and efficient solar panels? The Inverter Store has a broad assortment of options, from affordable flexible solar panels to whole-home solar panel multipacks, to suit your specific needs and budget. Our selection includes some of the best 265-, 120- and 60-watt solar panels on the market as well as high-tech accessories that you can bundle with your preferred panels for a more affordable, custom solar kit. Get everything you need to harness the power of the sun while you’re off the grid at home or on the go with the help of The Inverter Store.

Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Our solar panel selection can be broken down into two primary categories: portable monocrystalline solar panels or permanent polycrystalline solar panels. In general, our bendable solar panels are made with monocrystalline, whereas our rigid ones are made with polycrystalline. What’s the difference? Both are constructed from silicon, but monocrystalline is a higher-grade silicon, which makes it more efficient and longer-lasting. However, polycrystalline is more affordable and we continue to improve its technology every day, so it’s certainly not a bad choice as long as you choose an option from our store.

Any and all solar panels from The Inverter Store will excel in terms of efficiency, reliability and quality. With many American-made solar panels, our selection includes options with next-level technologies that allow them to be simultaneously efficient, thin, lightweight and durable. Consumers trust The Inverter Store for their large solar panel purchases, as we offer excellent discounts when you buy solar panel bundles for your large job. It doesn’t matter if you need portable or mounted solar panels in your home, cabin, RV, boat, bus, van, golf cart or to carry on your backpack on long hikes, The Inverter Store has got you covered.