Quality-Made PV Wire and Connectors

So you’ve got your solar panels, inverters and other essentials, but what about the cables and connectors? The Inverter Store has everything you need to complete your solar setup, with solar PV wire, solar panel connectors and extra tools you can use to make installation a bit simpler. At The Inverter Store, we’re happy to supply you with solar power supplies and equipment for your large, small or commercial endeavor. We have UL Listed PV cable and durable PV connectors that are great if you need to achieve certain industry standards.

The majority of the time, professional solar setups are wired with photovoltaic wire (PV wire), which is a single-conductor wire that assists in the sunlight conversion process. We have weatherproof, high-performance cables that you can use to wire multiple solar panels or to connect them to a charge controller. We have a wide range of cable length options in 10 AWG PV wire for your solar applications as well as some bulk PV wire for large jobs or if you want to have extra on hand. Make sure to grab a PV wire cramping tool so you have everything you need for setup on hand.

Easy, Efficient PV Connectors

The Inverter Store stocks several MC4 connectors, including male or female MC4 connectors with pins, to make wiring or connecting your solar panels simple and quick. These kinds of PV connectors easily and securely snap together and won’t come undone, even in harsh outdoor environments. If you need to unlock your connectors, we recommend picking up one of our MC4 wrenches to open and unlock these components as needed. The team at The Inverter Store is more than happy to assist you with your purchase if you aren’t sure which connectors or cables you need.