Power Products for Commercial Trucks

When you drive a truck for a living, you can often find yourself on the road for an extended amount of time. But with the right truck inverter, solar panel or mobile power solution, that time can be much more enjoyable. These AC power supplies let you run the electronics you need for checking email, warming up a snack or catching a TV show during a pit stop. They are also excellent for contractors and construction workers who need to run small power tools on a job site. You’ll find all the equipment you need at the right price from The Inverter Store.

Whether you need a rugged power inverter for a truck bed or a Freightliner power inverter that sits in the cab, you can find it in our large selection. Our industrial-grade mobile inverters can run computers, televisions, microwaves, phone chargers and other appliances. Modified sine truck inverters are a low-cost option for larger everyday equipment while pure sine inverters are best for handheld electronics. Outputs range from 1,500-watt inverters for basic creature comforts to 5,000-watt inverters for full-scale power equipment or for making the truck cab a home away from home. With a CARB-compliant portable inverter generator for your truck, you won’t need a separate generator or batteries – you can do it all from one unit.

Those who already have batteries for their inverters may want a truck solar panel to keep them charged up. These portable solar panels are ideal for when you’re on multi-day trips that would otherwise drain your power source. Mount them to the top of the semi-trailer or inside the truck to get even more from a sunny day of driving. Our rugged panels can withstand rain and wind so you don’t need to make an extra pit stop to take them down when the weather turns bad. Whatever your truck power needs are, you can get the right turn-key solution from The Inverter Store.