Ideal for small devices such as lights, small fans, TV’s, DVD’s  games, cpap and other small devices up to 3.5 amps.  120 Watt Solar. 400 Watt inverter. 100 amps of battery power and 10 amp charger controller. Panel will recharge a battery at 50% depletion in <5 hours in full sun.

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FREE SHIPPING IN THE 48 STATES. AIMS Power introduces the new all-in-one solar kit for all of your off grid power needs. Whether you’re supplying power to a small device in an RV or lighting for a small cabin, this solar kit includes all necessary products required and bundled for your convenience. This 120 watt solar kit is most effective when used to power small devices. The panels are covered in tempered glass to protect from hazardous weather. The PV wiring is protected against UV, water, ozone, fluids, oil, salt and general weathering. Each system comes with a wiring diagram upon purchase. Kit includes everything you need.



  • Easy to connect and use
  • Works with small devices up to 400 watts/ 3.3 AC amps
  • Ideal for small pumps, lights (not LED) or any other non-sensitive electronic type equipment

*The solar panel will recharge a 50% depleted 100 amp battery in 5-5.5 hours with full sunlight.*



Specifications: Free shipping to the 48 states.

You can find the specifications for each product by clicking on the links below.

This solar kit includes:

  • PWRINV400W – 400 watt modified sine inverter – Click here for more inverter info
  • PV120MONO – 120 watt monocrystalline solar panel – Click here for more solar panel info
  • SCC10APWM – 10 amp PWM solar charge controller with LCD – Click here for more charge controller info
  • AGM12V100AH – qty 1 – 100 ah AGM deep cycle battery – Click here for more battery info
  • PVF100FT10AWG – 100 foot PV wire for Solar Panel to Charge Controller (female to cut end)
  • PVM100FT10AWG – 100 foot PV wire for Solar Panel to Charge Controller (male to cut end )
  • PVL30FT – 30 foot PV wire  for Charge Controller to Battery (cut to lugged ends for battery)
  • CBL08FT8AWG – 8 ft 8AWG set of cables battery bank to inverter
  • CBL01FT8AWGRED – 1 ft jumper for fuse kit
  • ANL50KIT – 50 amp inline fuse kit – Click here for more ANL fuse info

Additional information

Weight 200 lbs

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