130 Watt Flexible Bendable Slim Solar Panel & 10 AMP Charge Controller Kit

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120 Watt flexible panel and 10 amp charge controller are the “base” pieces for this kit. To purchase a complete off grid portable solar kit, chose your cables, battery and power inverter based on your application. To view more info about the batteries click here. To view more info about the power inverters click here.

If you already have a battery and inverter but just want to add some solar charging, just purchase the base kit.

Add PV Extension Wire

Use when charge controller is > 6ft from solar panel

Add 12V Battery

The solar panel connects to the solar charge controller to charge a battery. Add one of our batteries and cables. The cables connect the charge controller to the battery. Depending on your installation you may need cables ranging from 10ft up to 50ft. You can custom cut the cables for your application.

Add DC to AC Pure Sine Power Inverter

To utilize the battery power you will need to connect a power inverter to the battery to convert the battery’s power to regular household power. Purchase an inverter charger if you have access to city or generator power to also charge the battery if sunlight not available. Pure Sine inverters are able to power all devices including sensitive electronics. 600 Watt = 5 amps & 1000 Watt = 8.3 amps.

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130 Watt Flexible Bendable Slim Solar Panel & 10 AMP Charge Controller Kit

Specifications: 130 Watt Flexible Bendable Slim Solar Panel

High performance: light transmittance up to 93%
Cell efficiency: 22.3% (one of the highest)
Module efficiency: 19.2% (one of the highest)
Maximum power: 130W
Tolerance wattage (e.g. +/- 5%): +/- 5%
Maximum system voltage: 600V DC (UL)
Optimum operating voltage (Vmp): 22 V
Optimum operating current (Imp): 5.5 A
Open-circuit voltage (Voc): 26.4 V
Short-circuit current (Isc): 6.35 A
Power tolerance: 0=+3W
Maximum fuse rating: 10 A
Fire Safety Class: Class A
Junction box: IP 67 rated
Temperature range: -40⁰F to 185⁰F
Bendable degree 3⁰ to 90⁰
Number of cells: 4 x 10
PV wire: 10 AWG with MC 4 male and female connectors 76″ length ***NOTE***If you are going to install the charge controller >6ft from the solar panel you must purchase an extension cable set. We offer 15ft and 30ft sets. If your application only requires up to 76″, simply cut of the MC4 connectors and insert the cut wire into the bottom of the charge controller and you are ready to harvest solar power.

Temperature Coefficients ⁰C:
ISC(%): +2.6
Voc(%): -50.6
Prm(%): -.38
Im(%): +2.2
Vm(%): -60.8
Dimensions: 53.1 X 21.25 X 0.12 inches
Weight: 3.96 lbs
Certifications: CE, ETL, TUV and RoHS


Charge Controller

Rated current: 10A
• DC voltage: 12/24V
• Max output: 120 watts @12V and 240 watts @24V
• Max solar voltage: <50V
• Low voltage disconnect: 10.7/21.4V
• Low voltage reconnect: 12.5/25.2V
• Float charge: 13.7/27.4V
• Bulk charge: 14.2V
• Self consumption: .5 watts
• Efficiency: 99%
• Case: ABS & aluminum. Dissipates heat.
• USB: Dual 5V/2A
• Temp compensation: -4mV/Cell/C
• Operating temp: -13F to 140F
• Reverse polarity, short circuit, over voltage and over discharge protections
• Automatic load reconnection and voltage detection
• 3 stage charging: deep cycle, sealed, Gel, AGM, flooded and Lithium
• LCD display – adjustable settings
• 12 AWG Wire recommended




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130 Watt Flexible Bendable Slim Solar Panel & 10 AMP Charge Controller Kit

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