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The Inverter Store has created a convenient solar off-grid/back-up power kit for the 30KW inverter charger AND when purchased as a kit you save up to 12%. Our 30KW kit is packed with power and ideal for large homes and businesses when grid power is often lost or if grid is not available.

This kits includes everything you need to power the huge pure sine power inverter charger using AGM deep cycle batteries and solar panels. The inverter charger is available in 240V split phase, 208V 3phase or 480V 3phase.   You can expand your solar system by adding more batteries and solar panels if needed.  We also offer ground or pole solar racks.  Free shipping to the 48 state for all kits to the 48 states.



  • Pure sine wave technology
  • DC to AC power inverter charger
  • 30,000 watt (240V split phase, 208V 3phase, or 480V 3phase)
  • Simple design for convenient maintenance
  • Easy to use interface
  • LCD panel
  • 50 and 60 Hz
  • Adjustable programmable output voltage: -40% to +20% of rated voltage
  • Adjustable DC input voltage, over voltage, under voltage, recovery time can all be set via the LCD panel – 300VDC
  • Step-down voltage and variable frequency start up modes
  • Efficiency – >94%
  • Low frequency preventing RF interference
  • Low idle consumption
  • AC bypass input function
  • Ideal for DC EMerge 300-volt DC
  • Lock included
  • RS485 remote monitoring optional
  • Certifications: CE, CEC, CSA22.2, UL1741 and ERAC certifications
  • 48″x40″x54″
  • Weight:
    • 4803P – 740 lb
    • 240VS – 636 lb
    • 2083P – 704 lb

All components included for a complete off-grid or back-up solar system.



30,000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger 300VDC (SELECT 240V SPLIT PHASE, 208V 3PHASE OR 480V 3PHASE FROM DROP DOWN MENU)

Click here for more inverter charger info

Solar Panels 330 Watt – Qty 18

Click here for more solar panel info

Solar Charge Controller MPPT – 100 Amp 300VDC

Quick Disconnect Switch

Click here for more disconnect switch info

AGM 200A Deep Cycle Battery – Qty 25

Click here for more battery info

PV cables 15FTSET MC4 M&F ends extenders for panels

PV cables 100FTSET MC4 M&F ends for Panels to Disconnect Switch

PV Cables 20FTSET MC4 M&F ends for Disconnect to Solar Charge Controller

CBL08FT4AWGC- 8 ft 4AWG cable to connect Charge Controller to Battery Bank

CBL10FT4AWGC- 10 ft 4AWG cable to connect Battery Bank to Inverter

CBL1FT4AWGRED – 4AWG jumpers for batteries and fuse kit

ANL150KITJ – Fuse kits


Additional information

Weight 350 lbs


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