Use as a base or add on kit. Qty 6 120 Watt panels,  all cables for panels, a quick disconnect switch and a combiner box with added safety are included. Customize your own kit by adding a solar charge controller, batteries and an inverter for a complete off grid kit. We include everything you need.

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A solar charge controller is needed to regulate the voltage from the solar panels to the battery bank. Select your size from the menu below. Based on 720 watts of solar, we recommend 30 or 40 amps using a 24V battery bank or 60 amps using a 12V battery bank. The 40 and 60 amp have a RS485 port. The 30 amp does not. You will notice two options for our 60 amp charge controller and your selection will depend on inverter size needed. Once you have selected your charge controller add a battery bank and a DC to AC inverter for a complete off-grid or back-up solar kit.


This AIMS Power solar kit is a perfect starter kit or as an add on to an existing solar system.  Here at TheInverterStore, we have put together a combination of kits in an easy to use customizable selection tool. Perfect for DIY installations or customers that need a little more assistance.

This “base” kit allows you to choose a solar charge controller, add batteries and a DC to AC power inverter depending on your power needs. The AIMS solar kit can also be added to an existing battery bank and/or inverter system. Designed for off grid or back up power application. For complete solar kits including batteries and power inverters see our solar kit section. Click here for more info.

Need help? Call or chat with us. 888-417-8673. We are here to help. 

Free shipping to the 48 states.


  • Easy to connect and use
  • Ideal for any application that needs off grid  or back up power
  • Customizable. Simply select charge controller, battery bank and inverter and you’ll have a complete offgrid/backup solar system. Everything included.

This kit includes the following components:

  • 6 120 watt monocrystalline panels
  • Solar charge controller – must select size
  • Pre-wired combiner box click here for product info
  • PV DC solar disconnect switch click here for product info
  • 100 ft set of PV for solar panels, extender cables, cables for disconnect and combiner box
  • 6 foot 6 AWG cable for charge controller to battery bank
  • Fuse kit

**Optional ground mount racks for 6 – 120 watt panels available click here for more info

This kit is able to recharge a 200 amp hour battery at 50% depth of discharge in less than 2 hours depending on sunlight.


720 WATT SOLAR PANELS BASE KIT – Free shipping to 48 states


120 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel – Qty 6 @ 40 SQ FT

Click here for more panel info

Pre-wired Combiner Box – 3 String

Click here for more combiner box info – allows for easy panel installation and added safety features.

Quick Disconnect Switch

Click here for more disconnect switch info

PV cables 20FTSET M&F ends extenders for Panels to Combiner and panel extenders

PV cables 100FTSET M&F ends for Combiner to Disconnect

PV Cables 20FTSET MC4 to bare ends for Disconnect to Solar Charge Controller

CBL08FT6AWGC- 8 ft 6 AWG cable to connect Charge Controller to Battery Bank

ANL80FUSE kit – Fuse from Charge Controller to Battery Bank

***To complete your off grid or back up solar kit, add charge controller, batteries and an DC to AC power inverter.

Battery info click here

Charge controller info click here


Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 25 in

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