KIT Hybrid Inverter Charger & Battery Bank 4.6 kW Inverter Output 200 Amp Stored Battery Power


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Introducing a NEW powerful hybrid inverter and battery back up complete KIT.

The NEW REVOLUTIONARY AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter gives you total control of your power. It combines solar power and battery backup into one complete, easy to use solution, that provides FREE power and independence from the grid. In addition, the AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter can reduce or eliminate electric bills, provides power during outages, and allows customers to monitor their system from anywhere.

The truth is that when the power goes out in the neighborhood, millions of homeowners with solar panels quickly realize that they are not truly “independent” of the power company because they don’t have batteries in their home to store the power generated from their solar panels. The excess power they have generated goes back to the grid and doesn’t allow them to use the power generated when it really matters most.

Where the AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter makes an immediate impact is in its ability to be programmed to do exactly what you want it to do. Think of an orchestra without a conductor. It may have all the talent and potential in the world, but without a way to organize and direct it, you may as well listen to radio static. AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter is essentially the conductor for every source of power that you have in your house.

  • Instead of sending the suns power straight to the power company where they dictate the rate, you can decide how to use YOUR power.
  • On a sunny day, you can program it to fill up your batteries first, and then power your house.
  • If you are not home, you can pump the excess power back to the Utility Co. and offset your power bill.
  • Have an EV car? When you get home, you can charge from batteries or solar for FREE.
  • You can program it to power your house at night with batteries and recharge during the day with sunlight.
  • Did the grid go down? In the blink of an eye, it automatically switches over to batteries.
  • Sun not shining? You can charge your batteries using the grid when rates are low and power your house at specified times.
  • Have a generator? Use it to charge your batteries instead of using the grid or solar.

AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter gives you complete control and autonomy over your own power needs because that is exactly what homeowners deserve. The hybrid inverter also includes an APP for remote monitoring which is easy to set up and operate using your cell phone. No matter where you are, you will have the ability to do exactly as you see fit with your power.

While there may be other similar products on the market, our hybrid inverters are much more efficient than the competition because of the higher voltage that they run at. This puts less stress on the entire system and ensures extended durability and improved safety, which is something that we pride ourselves in providing for our customers.

In addition to being more durable, efficient, and safe than others on the market, all of the easy to use kits that are designed for the AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter are from the same manufacturer. This means that instead of having to call three different customer service lines to troubleshoot issues, you will be able to avoid the runaround and work through them with one trusted and competent company. We believe that taking the headache out of troubleshooting is what our customers deserve, and that is what separates us from the competition.

With the easy to use digital touch screen display, the hybrid inverter can be set up using the following simple modes for your convenience:

  • Self-Use – The panels will power the electrical loads first, for FREE and any excess energy is then used to recharge a battery bank. The remaining energy will go back to the grid.
  • Selling First – The panels will power the loads first and any excess energy will go back to the grid.
  • Charge First – The panels will charge the battery bank first and any excess energy will then power the electrical loads for FREE. The remaining energy will go back to the grid. This setting will also allow you to use solar and grid to recharge the batteries if the solar panels can’t produce enough power to charge the batteries.

With all the grid issues these days, it can be said that we are amid a great and trying “power struggle”. The ultimate question you must ask yourself is if you “truly” want to be autonomous when it comes to your power. Can you trust power companies to protect your livelihood and family’s safety?

At TheInverterStore, we think that being “free” means that you have the right to always have the ball in your court. We have created a product that empowers customers to finish the initial job that they started when they installed solar panels on their homes. Our Hybrid Inverter is the final step in taking back control of your power portfolio and we believe that it will revolutionize your ability to live life on your own terms.

We have added a bank of 12V 200 amp AGM batteries for off grid battery back up when grid or solar power is not available. See features and specification tabs for more information.


Included Components

  • Hybrid inverter charger – QTy 1
  • Inverter to battery cables 20FT set – QTy 1
  • 12V AGM 200 Amp Hour – Qty 12
  • Jumper cables 1FT for battery connection (series)
  • Battery cables 3FT for battery series connection (series)
  • Fuse and fuse holder

Hybrid Inverter Features

  •     Listed to UL 1741-SA I CSA 22.2 No.107-01 I UL1998 I UL1699B
  •     Stackable (Max 6)
  •     Direct 3 string PV input
  •     IP65 NEMA4X rated for outdoor installation
  •     10 year warranty
  •     Customizable DC input voltage for various battery types including lithium and lead
  •     Free USA based tech support
  •     Wide programmable voltage input range
  •     Generator input for backup 240VAC
  •     Wide PV input voltage range
  •     Load sharing
  •     Isolated emergency backup output for defined loads
  •     Configurable charge and load times based on local utility recommendations
  •     Loaded with safety features
  •     Large 5-inch color LCD
  •     RS485, CAN, Wi-Fi, 4G
  •     Extremely efficient
  •     FCC Part 15 Class B

Battery Features

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance or water adding -HEAVY DUTY
  • AGM is ideal for back up and stored power applications – 20% more charge/discharge cycles
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Not restricted for air transport complies with IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67
  • UL-recognized component
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Computer designed lead calcium tin alloy grid for high power density
  • Long service life, float or cyclic applications
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Low self discharge
  • Thick plates within the battery to limit fluid expansion during freezing
  • 5 year warranty

The average run time for the batteries without any power coming from the solar panels AND if fully charged is as follows:

4600 watt hybrid inverter (if running at at max 4600 watts) = 3 hours of run time at 50% depth of discharge, 6 hours at 100%  depth of discharge which we don’t recommend as it shortens the life of the batteries.

9600 watt hybrid inverter (if running at max 9600 watts) = 1.5 hours of run time at 50% depth of discharge, 3 hours at 100%  depth of discharge which we don’t recommend as it shortens the life of the batteries.

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PV INPUT PIHY4600 – 4600 WATT (4.6kW)
Max Input Power (kW) 6.9
Max PV Voltage (V) 660
MPPT Range (V) 80-550
Normal Voltage 360
Startup Voltage 100
Max Input Current (A) 15.5 x 2
Max Short Current (A) 26 x 2
Max Charge/Discharge Power (kW) 6.9 | 6.9
Max Charge/Discharge Current(A) 50
Battery Voltage (V) 230
Battery Voltage Range(V) 80- 495
Battery Type Lithium | Lead
Max Continuous Power(kVA) 4.6
Max Continuous Current(A) 19.5 | 22.5
Nominal Grid Voltage (V) 211 to 264 @ 240 | 183 to 229 @ 208 (not 3 phase, split phase)
Nominal Grid Frequency (Hz) 60
Output Power Factor .99 adjustable
Current THD(%) <3
Max Continuous Power(kVA) 4.6
Max Continuous Current(A) 19.5 | 22.5
Max Peak Currenty (A)(10 min) 28.8 | 33.2
Max Peak Power(kVA)(10 min) 6.9 | 6.9
Nominal AC Voltage L-L(V) 240 | 208 (not 3 phase)
Nominal AC Voltage L-N(V) 120 | 120
Nominal AC Frequency(Hz) 60
Switching Time(ms) <10
Voltage THD(%) <3
CEC Efficiency(%) 97
Max Efficiency(%) 97.6
PV to Battery Efficiency(%) 98.1
Battery to AC Efficiency(%) 96.8
PV Reverse Polarity Protection YES
Battery Reverse Polarity Protection YES
Over Current/Voltage Protection YES
Anti-Islanding Protection YES
AC Short Circuit Protection YES
Residual Current Detection YES
Ground Fault Monitoring YES
Insulation Resister Detection YES
PV Arc Detection YES
Rapid Shut Down/Disconnect YES
Enclosure Protect Level IP65 | NEMA4X
Cooling Natural Convection
Relative Humidity 0-100%
Operating Temerature Range -25 to 60C | -77 to 140F
Operating Altitude < 4000 m | <13123 ft without derating
Noise Emission (dB) <25
Stanby Consumption (W) <10
Mounting Wall Bracket
Communication with RSD SUNSPEC
Display & Communication Interfaces Full Color LED, RS485, CAN, Wi-Fi
Certification & Approvals UL 1741 SA | CSA 2202 No. 107-01 |UL 1998 | Rules21 | HECO Rule 14 | IP65 | CEC
EMC FCC Part 15 Class B


  • Nominal Voltage 12V
  • Number of cell 6
  • Design life 10 years with proper maintenance
  • Nominal Capacity 77F(25C)
  • 20 hour rate (10A 10.8V) 200Ah
  • 10 hour rate (18.7A 10.8V) 187Ah
  • 5 hour rate (35.8A 10.5V) 179Ah
  • 1 hour rate (126A 9.6V) 126Ah
  • Internal Resistance
  • Fully Charged battery 77F(25C) 4mOhms
  • Self-Discharge
    • 3% of capacity declined per month at 20C(average)
  • Operating Temperature Range
    • Discharge -20~60C
    • Charge -10~60C
    • Storage -20~60C
  • Max. Discharge Current 77F(25C) 1000A(5s)
  • Short Circuit Current 3300A
  • Charge Methods: Constant Voltage Charge 77F(25C)
  • Cycle use 14.4-14.7V
  • Maximum charging current 30A
  • Temperature compensation -30mV/oC
  • Standby use 13.6-13.8V
  • 20.5″ L x 8.78″ H x 9.37″ W
  • Weight(lb) 138
  • 5 year warranty from manufacturer defects

Additional information

Weight 999 lbs

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