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Do you want a powerful back up power system, with minimal equipment and low maintenance? How about a system that can power multiple appliances such as a full size refrigerator/freezer, pump, microwave, lights and much more during a power outage? At The Inverter Store, we know what our customers want and this kit is ideal for users that want a powerful back up system or a simple off grid power system.

This kit has been designed for the user that needs to power several items, for short periods of time, easily and with little equipment. One battery, one inverter, one set of cables and a safety fuse kit. That’s it! But don’t worry….this kit is packed with power.

The 6000 watt pure sine inverter charger 120V with a 18000 watt surge will keep your home, business or  large RV running as long as you have battery power. The inverter is packed with features including a powerful built in battery charger to recharge the battery when you have access to grid power. It also includes an automatic transfer switch that goes back and forth between grid and inverter power, automatically.  Also includes, auto generator start, battery temperature sensor, LCD/LED optional remotes and dip switches to set AC priority.

The 24V lithium battery pack provides 300 amps at 24 volts! This battery replaces multiple batteries and cables. Built with lithium technology, this battery provides up to 8x more charge/discharge cycles than a lead, gel or AGM battery. The battery also delivers it’s full amp capacity. No need to worry about memory problems.

Like the idea of this kit but need something a little different? That’s easy. Chat or call us! We will customize something for you.


  • Industrial Grade
  • High Amp Battery Capacity
  • No battery memory problems
  • Minimal labor
  • Wall mountable
  • Maximizes space with minimal parts
  • Easy set up
  • Low maintenance
  • Expandable
  • Extended warranties

Ideal for applications that need to run multiple items at the same time. Pumps, lights, kitchen appliances, medical equipment and sensitive electronics.



Quantity 1 – 6000 watt pure sine inverter charger listed to UL standards 24v TO 120V – click here for more info

Quantity 1 – 24V 300 AMP Powerful lithium battery – click here for more info

Battery to inverter cable 6ft

Fuse kit

This is our high end, easy to install, no hassle back up power kit. One inverter, one battery, one set of cables and fuse kit and tons of power!


Additional information

Weight 350 lbs

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